Daniel Cureton Williams

Hello and welcome

Hi, my name is Daniel Cureton Williams and I am a Graphic Designer and Front End Developer from Chester. This is my site all about my work, what I like doing and things I find interesting through my blog and portfolio.

About Me

Well, as I’ve said above, my name is Dan and I’m a Graphic Designer from Chester with over 9 years of experience in the design industry. I studied my degree at the University of Derby where I achieved my BA(Hons) in Graphic Design. Whilst at University I took on various placements and experience opportunities before taking a design position within Reckless New Media, a Graphic and Web Design Agency in Chester.

I have worked on a wide variety of projects for an extensive range of clients including O2, Avon, Chester Zoo, New Look, Airtricity, ChloBo, The Laugh Inn, Oddfellows and Brunning and Price.

My creative career began whilst at school where I always had an understanding, passion and creative flare for art and design. It was upon finishing my A-levels and through the inspiration and guidance from my art teacher than I decided to pursue a career in Graphic Design. I progressed to working towards my degree working on projects and briefs with companies such as Ted Baker, Rolls Royce and The Times.

In my personal life I have a variety of interests away from the geeky lifestyle of a web and graphic designer. I have a keen interest in photography and have been lucky enough to have my work featured on an award-winning episode of the BBC TV series Coast.

I also enjoy many sports and activites to keep fit and healthy. I try to run as often as I can and take part in the Liverpool Santa Dash each year which is a 5km run around the street of Liverpool… dressed as Santa! This is in December so it is normally very cold but fantastic fun. So far we have managed to raise over £800 for various charities through the Speedy Santas website. I first designed and developed this site to explore and develop my web design and development skills as well as experiment with a few SEO techniques. The site has grown and changed several times and has been featured on a range of CSS showcase sites.

Music plays a huge part in my life and my taste spreads across a wide range of genres and artists and I will listen to pretty much anything to give it a go. There are a few bands that have lasted the test of time with me including Faithless, Leftfield, Buena Vista Social Club, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tears for Fears.