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Spring Walk

Today we went for a nice walk in Delamere Forest, one of my favourite places. It was so still and peaceful as shown by the reflection in this water.

Snow snow everywhere

Recently in the UK we have had a covering of snow which has led to either fun times or inconvenience depending on how you feel about the white stuff. Yes, the country does seem to grind to a halt and yes, getting anywhere does take twice as long… but in my opinion this is well […]

A Whole New Year

As you are probably well aware, it’s a whole new year and the normal thing to do is set yourself a New Year’s resolution! I do have a resolution that I am hoping to accomplish and to be honest, it’s a bit of a common one… to eat better and have a healthier lifestyle. I […]

A new site a new start

This is the first post from my new blog. I will be posting about anything I find interesting both in my career as a Graphic Designer as well as anything I think should just be shared! I hope you enjoy reading all about what I’m up to and please feel free to get in touch […]