Google Maze

Today I came across an interesting little website/app combination from our friends at Google, it’s called Google Maze.

The idea is you visit any website on your desktop and you can then explore the website via a pinball type maze. Pretty impressive yes, but what Google have done that is clever is enable you to control the movement of the pinball by syncing your mobile phone to your browser and tilting your device to control the movement and speed of the ball as you navigate across buttons, images and text collecting points and adding to your score.

Chrome Maze

Why? Basically because it’s fun and they can! We are all aware that Google is huge and the money at their disposal is astronomical but I for one am glad that someone out there is doing things like this. You may think it’s just a bit of fun but this is very clever stuff and it’s great to see that people aren’t just solely creating things to make money. Sure, Google will in some way make money from this (be it a profit or a loss for their effort in creating such a game) but the fact that they are willing to create these ‘fun’ things is great.

It’s up there with the Google Doodles. If you have been hidden in a cupboard for the past few years i’ll explain what Google Doodles are. On certain special calendar (things like Christmas, Halloween, Bonfire Night) Google changes it’s logo on it’s search home page with an interactive ‘doodle’. This is normally either a game or an interactive animation of some kind both linking and informing about the date in question. The Doodles run only on that day and are always the topic on conversation and start of a smile around offices everywhere. A fantastic bit of fun so brighten up your day whilst normally learning a bit more about the date in question.

Google Doodle

Google also has some fancy animation ‘secrets’ built into it’s website. If you are unaware of the Google Barrel Roll try heading over to and start typing into the search box “Do a barrel roll” and see what happens… hold on to your seat!

I love finding out about new ideas Google have released and seeing what fun creations they will come up with next, so keep an eye out and you might find something that will make you laugh, keep you engaged or just teach your something you didn’t know in a fun way.

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