Put the fun into run

Although I run as often as I can, I really do not enjoy it and let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone really does… deep down!

However, I recently came across an app, Virtual Active, whilst watching Steven Fry’s Gadget Man which is designed to make running that bit more interesting. The problem I have with running is it’s just so repetitive. Especially, as due to a very annoying injury, I need to run on a treadmill which is even worse! So I end up staring at a wall for the duration of my run, yes I do have music on but I just don’t know where to look. When I came across this app I thought what a fantastic idea but how well does it work?

The idea behind the app is that you place your device on the treadmill (it also works on cycle machines and cross trainers) and whilst you run the app picks up vibrations from the machine and uses the camera in some fancy way to take you on a journey through various locations around the world. It also responds to your speed, I guess the more vibrations the faster you’re running, so the app speeds up and slows down accordingly… pretty smart!

I’ve tried it out and… I really like it! It’s very clever (in my opinion) and a fantastic way to make spending time on the conveyor belt of health a bit more interesting. Within the app it enables you to play your music whilst you enjoy the views. It has definitely made my forthcoming runs a bit more interesting and well worth a try!

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