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Paper App IconI have recently added a fantastic app onto my iPad which I love!

It’s called Paper, a drawing, painting… creativity app that lets you create beautiful images in a sketch book style presentation. Yes, you may require some basic artistic skills however, where the app works well is the effects it offers run smoothly with fantastic effects so even if you can only draw a stickman you could create a beautiful ‘watercolour’ sketch using various techniques for colour and shading. The tools available are quick and simple to use and will allow your creative juices to flow.

I had read about this app before purchasing it and I was a little wary of it’s price tag having used drawing apps before and finding them a bit average. However, Paper lets you install a free version where you can have a ‘quick play’ with the different effects the paid version offers… if you like drawing/sketching then you will not hesitate in upgrading and parting with a few of your hard earned pounds for this well made app.

Paper App ToolsI have created a few of my own masterpieces and find it useful for even basic tasks such as taking measurements for DIY projects, a bit elaborate yes but I am forever losing pieces of paper where I make notes so saving them in the Paper app is ideal! I would recommend Paper and think this is one of the best apps that I have seen made available for iOS devices… yet!

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