Snow snow everywhere

Recently in the UK we have had a covering of snow which has led to either fun times or inconvenience depending on how you feel about the white stuff. Yes, the country does seem to grind to a halt and yes, getting anywhere does take twice as long… but in my opinion this is well worth the fun the snow brings.

Stanley the Snowman

I love walking along and coming across a lone snowman who has popped up along a random road, in a garden or in a field. I love the way they all have their own individual look and input from the people who have made them.

I have recently read about Stenley, a 17ft snowman who has popped up in County Durham. Karen Kindmarch spent hours creating Stanley for her 16-month old granddaughter and he has a traffic cone for a nose, plant pots for eyes and buttons. A fantastic effort in my opinion.

SnowmanThe child in me has created a snowman in our back garden however, he seems to have been on the beers and is leaning over a lot… I can’t actually believe he’s still in one piece as you can see from the picture to the left!

The government has even advised us to all go out and build a snowman to help prevent flooding! The compression of the snow causes it to take a lot more time for the snow(man) to melt which reduces the volume of water draining into the surrounding land.

An interesting yet fun initiative from the government, one which also means I am doing my bit for our country, to help reduce flooding!

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