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Google Maze

Today I came across an interesting little website/app combination from our friends at Google, it’s called Google Maze. The idea is you visit any website on your desktop and you can then explore the website via a pinball type maze. Pretty impressive yes, but what Google have done that is clever is enable you to […]

Sketch iPad

I have recently added a fantastic app onto my iPad which I love! It’s called Paper, a drawing, painting… creativity app that lets you create beautiful images in a sketch book style presentation. Yes, you may require some basic artistic skills however, where the app works well is the effects it offers run smoothly with […]

Put the fun into run

Although I run as often as I can, I really do not enjoy it and let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone really does… deep down! However, I recently came across an app, Virtual Active, whilst watching Steven Fry’s Gadget Man which is designed to make running that bit more interesting. The problem I have […]